Five Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Many doctors and health professionals worldwide recommend that people should get at least eight hours of quality sleep every day. However, in today’s fast-paced societies, millions of people continue to violate this rule, with grave effects. High stress levels, obesity, low sex drive, and poor heart health, for instance, are but a few health problems many grapple with, because of insufficient sleep. You will enjoy the following six benefits if you get a good night’s sleep often:

Physical Growth

Did you know that sleep affects physical growth? When you are sleeping, the body gets the opportunity to replace damaged or terminally differentiated cells. It also flushes toxins and metabolizes protein needed to repair tissues and damaged muscles. When you are sleeping, bone elongation takes place. Osteoblasts break down old bone cells, while osteoclasts produce and assemble new and healthy ones, creating healthier and denser bones. Bone diseases such as arthritis and osteomalacia are therefore uncommon. Finally, sleep induces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production in the body. HGH not only stimulates the repair of damaged tissues or muscles, but also refreshes other vital systems in the body.

Mental Wellness

People who suffer from sleep deprivation do not function at their full potential. Because of the low serotonin levels in the body, people who do not sleep well commonly suffer from stress. Depression, lack of concentration, and ultimately, psychological problems develop over time. By sleeping well every night, you will improve your mental health. You will be able to make good or rational decisions when going about your daily activities or when faced with life’s challenges. Researchers have also found a relationship between sleep and memory retention. Generally, you and or your children will improve your learning capacity and memory by getting a good night’s sleep and not working or studying through the night.

Weight Loss

Obesity is a growing concern worldwide. If you work out often and/ or diet to lose weight with minimal success, chances are that you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep spurs weight loss. Here are two reasons why: First, when you deprive your body sleep, it goes into a high-anxiety state by producing stress hormones. For example, if the body over produces cortisol in such a stressful situation, it impairs metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. This raises blood cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. High cortisol levels in the body also heightens deposition of “toxic fat,” especially in the abdominal area. To trim your body to shape easily, make sure that you exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and importantly, sleep well.

Slows Ageing

Sleep for eight or more hours everyday slows down ageing. Instead of being cranky, irritable, or experience serious memory lapses, your overall health will improve, if you sleep as needed. Skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, etc,) that make young people to look old are also minimized. Your body will replace dead muscle cells with new ones, giving you a healthier and younger looking skin. Finally, sleep lowers degradation of collagen (which causes wrinkles), formation of dark circles around the eye, and or sagging of eyelids. Eat healthy and balanced diets, and exfoliate often, for best results.

Longer Life

If you sleep well, you will live longer. Your body will be able to regulate the cholesterol level in your blood and as a result, lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. You will also be able be safe always. With your mental health heightened and your level of concentration high at all times, the risk of injuries when working or getting involved in an accident when driving is very low.

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